Quotes by Paul Harris

“One's nativity is not of his own choosing, but whatever it may be, it is entitled to respect and all nations have honorable place in the world's family.”

“Permanent superiority has never been realized by any nation in history. After the rise comes the fall.”

“In the clashes between ignorance and intelligence, ignorance is generally the aggressor.”

“The higher the general average of intelligence, all things else being equal, the less the disposition to be meddlesome, critical, and overbearing.”

“To attempt to superimpose its views through the exercise of force, is seldom the part of intelligence it is frequently the part of ignorance.”

“Motherhood is at its best when the tender chords of sympathy have been touched.”

“Ignorance is a menace to peace.”

“Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.”

“In course of time, religion came with its rites invoking the aid of good spirits which were even more powerful than the bad spirits, and thus for the time being tempered the agony of fears.”

“If there ever was a militant religion, it was that of early New England.”

“One's religion is one's own possession and he has a right to it.”

“The very strength of a nation eventually proves to be its weakness.”

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