Quotes by Grover Cleveland

“Though the people support the government the government should not support the people.”

“A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of the people themselves.”

“The lesson should be constantly enforced that though the people support the Government, Government should not support the people.”

“Communism is a hateful thing, and a menace to peace and organized government.”

“A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil.”

“Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by man and woman in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence than ours.”

“I know there is a Supreme Being who rules the affairs of men and whose goodness and mercy have always followed the American people, and I know He will not turn from us now if we humbly and reverently seek His powerful aid.”

“The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity.”

“Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust.”

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