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Welcome, dear traveler!

Have you ever wondered what makes the human race so successful in overcoming all the obstacles that nature and our very selves put in front of us?

One of the theories aimed at figuring that out says, that it is the very speed of sharing experiences we are able to achieve. This makes sense indeed, as the usual evolution takes many generations to react, while we can quite easily share everything and learn instantly.

Or, slightly restated:

Chances are that whetever bothers you was already encountered and tackled by someone else.

Hence comes our site — if what bothers you was encountered by a number of other individuals, it was likely also captured by someone famous (or infamous, for that matter).

We offer a massive amount of manually curated pearls of wisdom from more than 10,000 most successful individuals from the history of humanity at your disposal, also divided by topics for your convenience. State your desire and see if any of those individuals would have had anything to add.

This is presented in the cleanest form available, coupled together with Social sharing features, as we all know that sharing equals knowledge and can save your life by now!

Any of the quotes can be marked as pinned , allowing you to access all your favorite citations on one page. While this feature does not require any form of logging in, it also does not work across your devices. In future, we may consider adding the log-in option to allow the cross-device functionality.

A note on security:

We fully realize the delicacy of the data submitted by our visitors. Thus, we just do not store them in any way. Furthermore, we ensure that no eavesdropping attack is possible, by encrypting the client-server communication by running on SSL.

Also, as one can see, this site has some bugs. Namely Lady Bugs, and there are exactly 5 of them, down there.

Have fun!

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